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Cooperative Adoption Program (CAP)
Cooperative Adoption Program (CAP)

In 1995, Pet Savers determined that many more animals could be saved if they could be adopted off-site at high-traffic locations. In 1996, the first Mobile Adoption unit was produced for North Shore Animal League America. The Mobile Adoption unit, which provides comfortable and safe air-conditioned transport for up to 35 animals, enables the Animal League to rescue animals all across the country.

Each of the Mobile Adoption units is a self-contained vehicle. They are 35-feet long (the size of a large motor home), have several stainless steel cages, heat, air-conditioning, water and all supplies needed to care for the animals while on the unit. Inside, there are two tables and four chairs for pre-adoption screening. Each comes equipped with an awning, which provides protection from the sun and rain.

In addition to using the Mobile Adoption units for Animal League efforts, the units are offered to other shelter partners and rescue groups on a Cooperative basis - since these groups don't have access to their own Mobile Adoption units. This Co-Op Adoption program gives these shelters and rescue groups the tools they need to run high-level adoption events that save even more lives annually. We have provided other shelters, and organizations, with the tools necessary to create their own Mobile Adoption units.

Through the generosity of major supporters, the fleet of Mobile Adoption units has continued to grow - and seven Mobile Adoption units are in use today.